„..a photographer must have messed up very badly in previous life to be doing weddings in this one...“
(Ante Tomić, Smotra foklora)

I hope my photos will convince you to the opposite!


About me

I was born on  11 December, 1978 in Zagreb.

I have gathered experience working on movies and commercials, photographing for different newspapers and agencies and working with best Croatian photographers:

- assistant of director at movie set «Pet minuta nježnosti»
- photographer on movie set of «Slučajna Suputnica»
- cameraman at Open TV (OTV) (show «Serbus»)
- photographer during shooting of TV commercials for PBZ, Fiat and Renault
- photographer for «Gloss» and »Cosmopolitan» magazines
- photographer of extras (mute actors) catalog for «Prva Klapa» firm
- photo and video photographer for companies: «Digitel», «Public Image» and «Saatchi i Saatchi»
- photographer of «Energy» magazine
- assistant to photographers Mare Milin, Sandra Vitaljić and Dag Oršić





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